Stone Nature Construction cc was formed in 1999 with two members. Since then we have progressed to being well recognised by companies and architects all over South Africa.

At Stone Nature Construction we have extensive working experience in all kinds of commercial developments, residential projects and upmarket estates. We have a passion for Natural Stone and are very knowledgeable in all new styles of decorative stone work.

The stones we use are 100% natural mountain stones. We work with registered quarries to deliver the stones of your choice anywhere in South Africa. Expert teams of stonemasons dress the stones into the desired sizes, after which the stones are transported to the site for fitting by our supervised fitting teams.
Our teams are dedicated, punctual and reliable. We have excellent time management skills and make a point of finishing projects in time. Our masons have years of experience, and we believe our team to be one of the best in the industry.

Stone Nature complies with all labour law requirements and we are safety insured.
We strive to meet and exceed your expectations in both residential and commercial applications, and believe that the sharing of skills between management and staff is the key to growth and development.
We understand the demand for stone work in construction, and our mission is to ensure client satisfaction through professional service and quality. We provide our customers with key turn solution for innovative and creative way of using natural stones.
We at Stone Nature Construction are dedicated to create beautiful indoors and outdoors areas with our natural stones of different colours that allows numerious design options. All our projects installed with natural stones using timeless design that never goes out of style.
Elegant and sophisticated look
Timeless design that never goes out of style
Multitude of natural colours and attractive textures allows numerous design options
Provides natural beauty which will last the life of your building and beyond
Long lasting colour does not fade or change
Maintenance free
Stain resistant
Every piece is unique
It's great for wet areas
Stronger walls than with man-made materials
Eco-friendly (no manufacturing process)
If the materials ever need to be removed, they can be re-used for landscaping with no detriment to the natural environment
Stone is receptive to passive solar heating - it holds and radiates heat long after the sun goes down
Stone floors are cooler in summer
Natural stone increases the value of your property
Natural stone can be matched years later, so you never run the risk of being unable able to match your stone work or floor tiles
Please contact us soon - we're happy to share our knowledge of natural stone to help you with any project.
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